LW Communications

LW Communications is headed by Lisa Weitz and offers artist management, booking and promotions including national and international media coverage, local event publicity, tour support (domestic/international) and commercial/public/community/campus/web/satellite radio promotion/tracking.

Lisa Weitz has been an artist manager as well as communications/media relations professional for 10 years, working primarily with Hugh's Room in Toronto from 2001-2008, and now as a freelance publicist for numerous performing artists on a variety of publicity campaigns, including CD launches, special events, artist tours, and club concerts.

Lisa offers both event-specific support and longer term services focused on artist development, communications strategies, and positioning. Most importantly, she offers strategies tailored to the specific needs, goals, music styles and budgets of each artist and translates them into real results and substantial career development. Her honed ability to outreach to radio, newspapers, television, music publications and web resources has earned her the respect of artists and media professionals alike.

Alongside her work with LW Communications, Lisa had been Associate Consultant for 10 years with Barbara Herring & Associates Inc., a company specializing in advising the public sector, non-profit and the private sector about employment equity and compliance with human rights and employment standards legislation. Prior to this, Lisa worked for 6 years in Communications at ARCH, a legal aid clinic advancing the rights of people with disabilities.

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