"Working with Lisa is an absolute pleasure. She understands my requirements and meets them, promptly at that!"
Mort Lewis, Manager, Art Garfunkel
"LW Communications was thoroughly professional in handling our tricky media needs for the Pete Seeger, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Guy Davis concert in Toronto. She did a terrific job."
Thom Wolke, Manager, Pete Seeger/Tao Rodriguez-Seeger/Guy Davis
"I had the great pleasure of working full-time with Lisa Weitz for some 7 years. I always found her to be a tireless and resourceful promoter who has a vast working knowledge of the business. There is no doubt that her drive and commitment contributed significantly to the considerable success of Hugh's Room. We now seek her services on a freelance basis, as we just did for the Pete Seeger shows. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone in need of a great publicist."
Holmes Hooke, Booking, Hugh's Room
"Awards for publicists? I nominate Lisa Weitz who organised an amazing promo tour. In advance of our latest concert at Ottawa’s Centrepointe Theatre, Lisa managed to get us coverage in all three dailies, the Ottawa Citizen, Metro News and the Ottawa Sun, as well as in Where Magazine. She facilitated features on many CBC Radio programs (Studio Sparks, Ottawa Morning, Ontario Today, In Town & Out, Fresh Air, and All In A Day) as well as community radio. She also got us covered on CBC Television and CTV and did a ton of web promotion to boot. Thanks to Lisa, we managed to fill the hall!"
Chris McKhool, Sultans of String
"Lisa Weitz is one of the most professional people that I deal with; in my job as a broadcast interviewer, I contact Lisa for an interview, artist information, tour dates, giveaways etc.....I get my information immediately. If I have a deadline, Lisa makes it her deadline. She has a passion for those she represents. Clients would be lucky to have Lisa on their team."
John Donabie, News-Talk 1010 CFRB Radio
"The promotion for the performance at Hugh's Room was remarkably effective. Honestly. A performer can tell. It wasn't just the sold out show, it was also the sense of anticipation in the room, as if they had been prepared well for an eventful evening which, of course, I delivered!"
Michelle Shocked
"I read everything Lisa sends me. And if I phone for follow up to arrange for interviews, or tickets or whatever, she couldn't be more helpful, easy or conscientious."
Stuart McLean "Vinyl Cafe", CBC
"You get off the plane, pull into town and there's so many things you don't know. You hope the venue publicized, you hope they have a sense of your audience and you hope the people come. And then you find out Lisa worked on the show and you know that now you can sit down, have that cup of tea, and simply think of what to wear."
"Lisa knows her work. She knows music. She knows the right media people. She's thorough, personable, responsive and responsible, and she gets her message across without nagging, whining, threatening or pleading."
Greg Quill, Entertainment Columnist, Toronto Star
"Lisa Weitz has worked with us on several concerts for the Koffler Centre of the Arts, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed with the results and her professionalism. Landing us great coverage in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Jazz FM and on CBC Radio programs – among many others – Lisa created buzz around the shows and ultimately helped us sell out the venues. Lisa knows her stuff, and has been an invaluable resource in publicity for us – we look forward to working with her again!"
Tony Hewer, Koffler Centre of the Arts
"Lisa is a delight to work with. Not only is she incredibly proficient and excellent at her job, she has always gone above and beyond to support music. It is also wonderful to meet and work with people in this field who are real and great at communicating. We look forward to working with her in the future."
"I cannot thank you enough for all of your first-class work. If ever we can be of any help to you it would be an honour to give LW Communications the highest recommendation possible, since your groundwork was the best we have seen in recent memory, that is for sure."
Paul Symes, The Black Sheep
"Hiring Lisa is one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks to her, I got articles in the paper, spots on TV, and radio interviews that I never would have been able to secure on my own. She was thorough, efficient, and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her!"
Eve Goldberg
“Quartette has performed many times at Hugh’s Room over the years. We’ve had sold out shows and have had to add subsequent ones. Lisa Weitz has been a significant factor in promoting our shows. She’s very professional, pleasant to work with and very motivated.”
"It's easy to judge professional sports figures by checking their performance records. But what kind of stats would apply to a communications and artist development manager like Lisa Weitz? Here is her record: inside of 6 months with Lisa working for me, I got 25 additional gigs all due to Lisa making sure people knew who I was and what I did. Not only is Lisa efficient, she's really nice to hang out with, so I arrange to have breakfast meetings at one of our favourite haunts - the Tulip. I always leave those meetings, buoyed by eggs benny and the knowledge that things are going to get done."
Enoch Kent
"In my work with Mariposa Folk Festival and our partnering from time to time with Hugh’s Room, I have worked with Lisa. She was instrumental in drumming up great publicity.... Specifically, she helped to publicize our “Ian & Sylvia Reunion” and a tribute to Murray McLauchlan. She arranged for media coverage from several sources, which in turn helped to make our shows known to a wider public. I found her efficient, co-operative and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her and her skills in communicating and publicizing."
Mike Hill, Artistic Director, Mariposa Folk Festival
"Lisa at LW Communications did a fabulous job getting press and awareness for our Rant Maggie Rant show in Toronto, including securing the "#1 Thing to do" spot in The National Post on the most important day any Celtic band could have - St. Patrick's Day. The reaction was fabulous with a SOLD OUT show. For a band that was virtually unknown, this was no small feat. We can't thank her enough and we will continue to use her services for years to come."
Rant Maggie Rant
"Many thanks for a wonderful and conscientious job on promoting the gig. You have certainly restored my faith in publicists."
Michael Pickett
"With the radio and newspaper coverage she solicited, Lisa helped make my CD release a success!"
Rick Fines
"Lisa shows a real understanding of community newspapers and she provided all the necessary extra information I would need beyond the interview. She's an excellent publicist!"
Mandy Higgins, Moose Jaw Times-Herald
"We very much enjoyed working with Lisa Weitz. She was efficient and helpful as well as being charming and resourceful. We look forward to using her services again. She did a fantastic job."
Helen Martin on behalf of Juan Martin
"Lisa Weitz is an effective publicist who is efficient, pleasant and thorough. In particular she writes a mean press release with all the info very well presented. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my colleagues."
Heidi Fleming, FAMGroup
"A creative and professional work ethic."
Amy Sky & Marc Jordan
"Lisa gets the job done, she gets the word out, she returns calls, she knows what she is doing"
Lori Cullen
"Dear Richard, I do want to let you know how impressed I was with Lisa Weitz. She did a great job, especially last minute. Given the number of shows she has to promote at your venue, she is a very valuable asset."
Carol Welsman

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