Concert/Tour Publicity

LW Communications will:

  • Write/edit press releases
  • Distribute press releases to print media, television, radio and online media in city/catchment area of concert.
  • Provide CDs, MP3s, DVDs and other promotional material to print media, television, radio and on-line media in city and catchment area of concert.
  • Secure listings and announcements in local radio/television/print media
  • Coordinate interviews, radio/television appearances, animate reviews, feature articles, photo publication, airing of pre-recorded video clips/DVD (if available)
  • Organize ticket giveaways re radio promotion (subject to approval by artist and venue).
  • Organize full radio campaigns; write scripts for radio ads
  • Consult with artist on poster design
  • Consult with artist on design of other promotional materials (e.g., postcards, flyers, etc.) - event/tour-specific and generic
  • Coordinate the distribution of posters and other promotional materials
  • Coordinate promotional postcards/inserts in local media publications (paid advertising)
  • Coordinate design and placement of newspaper advertising
  • Provide weekly summary reports

Media Kit Development

LW Communications will:

  • content development
    - Summary page (includes biography writing)
    - CD page
    - Reviews page
    - Performance Highlights page
    - Promotional postcards (general & event specific)
    - Posters (11x17, letter, etc.)
    - Business card
  • organize photo shoots
  • select/format existing media coverage for inclusion
  • full design - a "look" that fits artist's style

Radio Promotion/Tracking

LW Communications will:

  • make advance contact with public, campus, commercial, community, internet and satellite radio alerting them to upcoming CD
  • Prepare and forward mailing
  • Follow-up to ensure receipt of CDs
  • Promote CDs to radio show hosts/music directors
  • Identify program themes - highlight artistís songs which correspond to themes/genres
  • Track airplay
  • Arrange interviews
  • Provide bi-weekly/monthly summary reports

Print Promotion (not event-specific)

LW Communications will:

  • Promote artist/CD to genre specific / music trade magazines, dailies, weeklies, quarterlies, bulletins, monthlies, campus media
  • Work to animate artist features (articles, highlights, photo publication)
  • Work to secure CD reviews
  • Update press kit with new media coverage
  • Provide monthly summary reports

Cyber Promotion

LW Communications will:

  • Promote to music internet lists and newsgroups (e.g., MaplePost, JazzTalk, Maple Blues, Canadian Blues,,,, worldmusica, etc.).
  • Promote to internet radio stations
  • Promote to web-based music media outlets (,, House of Gigs,, Link Magazine for Musicians, Musician's Atlas Ultimate Musician, Folk Web, LiveMusicReport, etc.).
  • Write and send press releases to online editions of music print publications (e.g., Penguin Eggs, Canadian Musician, Sing Out, Acoustic Guitar, fRoots, Performing Songwriter, Billboard, Dirty Linen, Canadian Songwriter, Acoustic Muse, Mapleblues, etc.)
  • Provide concert listings to on-line editions of news/entertainment and local media.
  • Post itineraries to on-line concert calendars (e.g., musi-cal, dirty linen, pollstar, radio and newspaper websites in locations where artist is appearing).
  • Develop electronic press kits - downloadable biography, press clips, artist photos, sample audio, video, posters, template press release
  • Provide bi-weekly summary reports

Website Design/Re-design

LW Communications will:

  • Write content and design websites

  • - Artist's main website
    - Myspace
    - Facebook

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